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We’ve all worked with people who use jargon, most of which drives us mad. Whether it’s industry specific terms, or more general annoying phrases, we’ve all worked with that one person (usually the boss) who speaks in cliches.

A UK poll carried out by Glassdoor listed the 13 most annoying phrases to avoid using in the workplace. So we thought we’d take look and see if there’s any more we can add.

1) Punch a puppy – this one is on the Glassdoor list. We’d never heard of this one before, but apparently it’s about doing something unpleasant for the greater good.

2) Think outside the box – this one gets thrown about a lot! It’s another way of asking for new ideas, something that may seem a little unconventional. There’s loads of articles on the internet about how to do it too! Yes, really!!

3) Hit the ground running – what, like I’m being thrown out of a plane or something? I’m not some extra in a Mission Impossible film! This is the way your boss is asking you to go and get on with a new project quickly and enthusiastically.

4) At the end of the day – I had an old boss that used this phrase ALL THE TIME. It used to drive the whole team insane. It’s a longer way of saying ‘ultimately’ or ‘eventually’ – an annoying phrase that actually takes longer to say than the meaning. Great!

5) Can I borrow you for a sec? – this was one a previous list of annoying phrases. Usually means your workload is about to get a whole lot bigger.

6) Amazeballs – this one is really annoying and really out of date! It started trending on Twitter back in 2009, which is probably why a lot of bosses are using it now! It’s supposed to be an expression of enthusiastic approval.

7) Do more with less – another one meaning your workload is about to increase. Usually means someone has just quit and they aren’t going to be replaced. Which leads to you having to do the next one.

8) Pick it up and run with it – this one, paired with hit the ground running makes me feel like this job should be some kind of Olympic sport! Another one that means your workload is increasing, as you are getting passed someone else’s work and are expected to learn how to do it quickly and get on with it!

9) Keep me in the loop – usually spouted by someone on the outskirts of whatever you are talking about who wants to report to the higher up’s what’s going on to either take credit or moan about how long something is taking.

10) Team work makes the dream work – kept the best ‘til last. Usually printed on some ‘inspirational’ poster hanging in the staff room. Thrown about by your boss trying to get you to work with an annoying colleague who doesn’t pull their weight on projects.

So, what’s this got to do with The Wage Shop?

Here at The Wage Shop, you won’t get any of this annoying stuff, just simple, straight forward advice and support on your PAYE needs. We won’t talk down to you or confuse you with industry jargon. Head over to the website to see what else we have to offer or Contact Us for more information to see how we can help you.