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Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that people are out there to scam you somehow or other.  This could be via a phone call, text message, email, social media or behind the scenes where all they need is your name and contact details.

Always make sure you know who you are dealing with.  If you’ve never heard of someone/business, try to do a little research on them. Search on the internet for them, look them up on Companies House or ask around, never agree to something especially if they have cold called you.

Also don’t be fooled by the automated phone calls. The common ones are from HMRC informing you that you owe money and a warranty has been issued for your arrest or United Utilities telling you that you have an outstanding balance to pay.  If you are unsure, you should contact these or any companies directly yourself, report the matter and check everything is ok with your account.

Another common phone call is someone claiming to be from your internet provider and that there is a problem with your computer, and they need remote access your computer to fix it or install an upgrade.  They just want access to your passwords and personal details.

Be careful with your personal details.  Some scammers will try to get information personal to you, this can help them hack into your accounts.

Keep your passwords and pin numbers in a safe place, remember a bank or building society will never ask you for your pin number.

Choose your passwords carefully, try making passwords that will be difficult for people to guess.  It is advised not to use family or pet names. A strong password should be made up of upper- and lower-case letters, with symbols and numbers mixed in.  Never share your passwords with anyone and it’s advised not to use the same password for every account, even though it does make it easier for us to remember – this is what scammers are banking on.

Be careful how much you share on social media sites, don’t share your whole life with the world however tempting.  Your pictures and information can be used to scam you or even create a fake identity.

Avoid using public computers or Wi-Fi hotspots, your standard 3G or 4G is often more secure than the local café or shopping center.

Just by taking a moment to stop and think before handing out your information or money, could help keep you safe.  There is plenty of further information online to help you.

What’s this got to do with The Wage Shop?

Our great advice is part of our easy and flexible service.  With The Wage Shop, we make sure you’re paid on time and take care of your Tax and National Insurance contributions, leaving you to focus on your day to day life.

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