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Your CV could be the opening to your next project or role, so it’s important to get it right. But there’s so much that could go wrong, where do you start? We looked at the things to include on your CV before – take a look at the article here. But remember, there’s always things you should steer clear of. Take a look at our top 10 tips for things NOT to do on your CV.

1) Don’t tell lies. Although you might be tempted to exaggerate your qualifications or experience, just don’t. Background checks can easily uncover your white lies and exaggerations. Also, if you land the job, it could be grounds for dismissal if you are found out, even years down the line.

2) Don’t include unnecessary information like your nationality, age, sexual orientation, health or marital status. Employers aren’t legally allowed to discriminate based on these factors, but you’ll never know if that’s the reason you didn’t get an interview. You are likely to be asked for this information at pre-screening once the job has been confirmed, and you always have the option of not disclosing on these forms.

3) Don’t include salary information on your CV. You should have a clear indication from the recruiter or job advert about what the expected pay scales are for the job. This is the kind of thing that is discussed at the interview or job offer stage.

4) Don’t include references unless you have been asked to. Space is limited, don’t waste it on information you’ve not been asked for.

5) Don’t hand write your CV. You will look outdated and old fashioned, and the recruiter may not be able to read your handwriting! If you need to brush up on your IT skills to write your CV, check out courses at your local library or job centre. Plus, it’s a new skill you can add to your CV!

6) Don’t fluff out your CV. If you can’t reach 2 pages with your work history and relevant skills, don’t waste time waffling about your hobbies and interests to fill the space. Expand on your relevant skills, work history and skills. Adding unnecessary information won’t help you get the job, it will make you look like you can’t focus on what’s important.

7) Don’t complain. Don’t complain about a previous employer or say the reason you are looking for work is because your ‘boss is an idiot.’ It’s not professional and makes you seem negative. You don’t even need to give reasons on your CV for why you have left previous roles.

8) Don’t include unnecessary jargon or acronyms. Your recruiter probably won’t be an expert in your field, so you need to be clear about your experience and qualifications.

9) Don’t reduce the font size to cram more information onto your 2 pages! Keep your CV clear and easy to read. Do you really need those few extra lines or paragraphs – do they add value? No. Take them out and keep font sizes readable.

10) Don’t include a photo, unless this has been requested. Adding a photo when not expressly asked is just weird. No one cares what you look like and it just takes up valuable space!

How can The Wage Shop help?

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