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Yes, believe it or not us Brits celebrate our love of pies!!

British Pie Week was originally founded in 2007 by Jus-Rol, giving our much-loved pastry baked pies their very own official week.

It takes place the first week in March, it begins this year on 02 March and runs through until 08 March 2020. Still leaving you plenty of time to try locally sourced pies.

Pie like dishes have been around since the Egyptian times.  But it was the Romans who first invented enclosing the fillings inside.  Originally, the pie’s pastry crusts were designed to be used like a baking dish, storage, and a way to serve the filling. Romans would use meats, and fish as the filling with a mixture of flour, oil and water to keep in place. The pastry was often tough and not edible so therefore it was designed to be thrown away and only the filling was eaten.

So, thanks to the Romans, when they arrived in Europe, they brought their pies as well.

It was in the medieval times that beef, lamb and pigeon were introduced along with spices, currants and dates.  The early pie base was unfortunately called a ‘coffyn’ (or coffin as we know it today) the term meaning box or basket before it came to be used more commonly with funerals.  The crusts were several inches thick and kept the pie airtight to help preserve the filling.

In the late 16th century it is reported that the first ever fruit cherry pie was baked and served to Queen Elizabeth I.  However, it is believed she was not a fan.

As people started travelling and exploring the world the first English settlers landed in America along with our pies.  These then evolved and the word ‘coffyn’ (coffin) was eventually replaced by ‘crust’.

Pies to this day are still changing and being influenced by diets and trends.

So, whether it’s a pasty, savoury, crumble or dessert that gets your lips smacking, you have all week to indulge with the rest of the nation.  Even if you’re not a massive pie fan who doesn’t love a bit of homemade apple or blackcurrant pie with a bit fresh cream or custard or even those festive mince pies.

How can The Wage Shop help?

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