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The first Monday in February has been coined National Sickie Day in the UK.

This is the day when most people will phone in sick to work using a range of excuses.

It is the first payday since Christmas and the first weekend after dry January, so is this just merely a coincidence?

For some they are re-evaluating their lives especially their careers. So, their current employment seems less important to them hence taking the day off.

But typically, the most popular excuse will be a cold or the flu.

We have all called in sick at work at some point during our working lives.  Some of us with a genuine illness or reason for ringing in work some of us not….

If you do need to take a day off, it is always best to be honest with your employer but also you don’t need to go into too great a detail.

However, there are just some occasions when some people for whatever reason come up with a random excuse instead.

Here are just some of the worst/funny excuses that have been used:

  • I accidentally got on a plane and now I’m in Spain for a week
  • My football team lost last night, I’m too upset see anyone
  • I rolled out of bed and knocked myself out, so I missed my alarm
  • The dog ate my car keys, or I’ve lost my car keys
  • I just have no way to get into work
  • I thought it was the weekend
  • I have no clean clothes, as my washing machine is broken
  • I can’t come in because Brexit has happened
  • The door handle has fallen off my front door
  • When I got up this morning and opened the bedroom window, a bird flew in and I don’t know what to do about it
  • It’s my birthday
  • I just don’t feel like working today
  • I’ve got an appointment and it will take all day

Thankfully our team at The Wage Shop take very little sick time off….

Going forward we will make sure none of the above excuses are every used LOL!!

How can The Wage Shop help?

The Wage Shop are on hand to make sure you’re paid correctly, on time and manage all your tax and national insurance requirements. So, you can focus on working hard and hitting all your goals.

We also offer a Payment Advance service so you can access your money when you need it. Head over to the website for more details, or Contact Us to register.