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Working on the move has lots of challenges, so how can you manage all the things you need to be successful without losing your mind? If you want to stay organised, planning is important. Make the best use of your time with our top 10 tips!

1) Dropbox – keep all your files and important documents close to hand with Dropbox. Save everything to the cloud and it’s always on hand. Share important documents with clients quickly and efficiently. Best of all it’s free to use!

2) LinkedIn – networking is important especially when you’re looking for future roles. Use LinkedIn to make contacts across your sector and keep in touch with the professionals you need to succeed. Use the mobile app on the move to manage those important relationships and secure your next opportunity.

3) Google Calendar – create and keep track of all your events and meetings through Google Calendar. Manage your calendar on the move to make sure you make the best of your time. Another free to use app too!

4) Keep a notebook and pen to hand – go old school and make sure you have access to the basics. You can scribble notes as you are talking to potential recruiters over the phone or receiving instructions for jobs making sure you don’t miss any vital information.

5) A collection ‘bucket’ – doesn’t need to be an actual bucket! Keep a separate ‘bucket’ somewhere safe to keep all your receipts, notes, business cards etc while you’re out and about. All your important bits and pieces are in one place when you need them.

6) Chargers or power banks – make sure you have chargers for your devices on hand. There’s no point keeping your work life and priorities on the device in your hand if you can’t access it! Make sure to keep chargers within easy reach when you’re out and about.

7) ‘Work Space’ – have a designed ‘work space’ at home so you can get those last few bits of paperwork completed in peace, meaning you can get it done quicker. Then you can focus on spending time with family, relaxing after a productive day.

8) Keep a ‘go bag’ – keep all of your important bits together in a bag that’s easy to transport between sites and won’t take up much room at home. Keeping everything together means you’re not wasting time looking for your important bits and pieces.

9) Keep your work e-mails separate from your personal e-mails. Having separate accounts means you can focus on the important incoming issues for the day. Having your work e-mails mixed in with Facebook notifications and offers for the latest deals on Amazon might mean you miss something important. Keep everything separate then you know where you need to focus your attention.

10) Declutter every now and again. As you become more organised, you might find you no longer need some of your tools or accessories. If you no longer need something, get rid! Don’t waste precious space carrying round things you no longer need.

How does The Wage Shop help?

As a busy contractor, you don’t always have the time to manage all aspects of your finances. Using The Wage Shop means all your Income Tax and National Insurance needs are met, leaving you more time to focus on your next contract.