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The Company Christmas party is the perfect time of year to socialise with colleagues and make new friends within the company you work for and maybe a chance to finally meet those who you only ever get to speak to on the phone.

It’s a time for everyone to relax and let loose and generally be themselves but also by attending, it shows respect to your employer, especially when most of the time it is the company paying for it.

Although it is “The Christmas Party”, it is still a work event.  Yes, wear you best dress, suit or outfit, or treat yourself to something new.  Classy and elegant are always the best options.  It’s not always the best look to wear something see through or too revealing – like you’re off to a nightclub.

It’s also a brilliant excuse to get to know other employees that you might not interact with on a daily basis.  These events are good for mingling, allowing all levels of staff to spend some quality time with each other and it can be a way of improving your relationship with people.

No matter what you think of a fellow employee or what the office opinion of someone is, the Christmas Party is not the place to be bringing it up or telling them.  It is best not to engage in “office gossip” and spread rumours. This can be hurtful but could also lead to repercussions for you in the office.  Remember anything you might say or do is bound to be mentioned the next day at work.

Without sounding like a party pooper!! Try and keep an eye on the amount of drinks you are consuming.  Make sure you have something to eat, either a little snack before you go if there is going to be food provided or take up the offer and fill your plate.  Just to help you keep the balance between food and alcohol. Let your hair down, have a few drinks, eat and dance the night away.

As we all use social media try and steer clear of uploading embarrassing pictures of your fellow colleagues dancing or drinking.  You can though, post anything positive: about how much you enjoyed it and some appropriate photos.

Lastly, if you are due in work the next day, it’s not a good idea to ring in sick.  It is obvious why you can’t attend work.

Be that person who, after seeing how much fun you were at the Office Party.  Everyone wants to invite you to their parties!!!

How can The Wage Shop help?

Work life can be hard enough at times, so follow our tips and make the best of every opportunity to project the best image of yourself. The Wage Shop are on hand to make sure you’re paid correctly, on time and manage all your tax and national insurance requirements. So, you can focus on working hard and hitting all your goals.

We also offer a Payment Advance service so you can access your money when you need it. Head over to the website for more details, or Contact Us to register.