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Few people would argue that being happy at work isn’t important.  We spend so much of our precious time at work that we should be happy or at least find some enjoyment there.

Unfortunately, many of us can suffer from stress and depression because of our careers and not really notice how far it has progressed, as it has happened slowly over time.

There are some lucky ones out there who can even say they love going to work.

But not being happy at work or the job you have can affect us in many ways.  If you are not sleeping due to work stress, tiredness can create other problems for us especially at work, such as lack of concentration and mood swings.

You could find yourself having bursts of anger or crying in private.  Both are a sign that you need to take a break and prioritise your health.

It’s worth letting your superiors know you are struggling; they may be able to put a plan in place or restructure how work is delegated to help alleviate your workload.

Another sign could be cutting yourself off from friends and family.  It can feel like you’re all alone and you do not want to burden them with your problems.  But distancing yourself from your loved ones is not always the best idea.  It is important that you let them know how you are feeling and be honest with them.  They are your support circle and they can help you take the next steps.

It is also advised to take some time off work to catch up on sleep and relax.

Maybe take a brave step on your own and become that person who changes it up at work and makes it a fun and relaxing place for everyone.  Start by discussing with each other, that if one of you needs help with the workload you are all there to help each other – no one need struggle on their own.

Other possibilities are arranging lunch breaks where a group of you get out and go for a walk, a bit of fresh air can do wonders for the mind. Other fun ideas are maybe once a month someone brings in cakes or some form of treat.  You could arrange a night out at the movies or theatre, something for you all to look forward to and then discuss the next day.  This could help find a common ground with maybe some those colleagues you were finding hard to build a work relationship with.

What about a Friday lunchtime quiz or even bringing in some ‘Old Skool’ boardgames?

You could even all take it in turns running from one end of the corridor to the other shouting out what is currently annoying you…. try it, it’s hilarious.

Remember a work life balance is essential for our well being!!!

How can The Wage Shop help?

Helpful advice is just part of our service.  With The Wage Shop we make sure you’re paid on time and we take care of all your PAYE needs.  Leaving you to focus on the more important things in life.

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