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As it’s National Margarita Day, we thought we’d share some recipes and hangover cures to kick off the weekend!

Your classic Margarita is made from 35ml Tequila, 20ml Triple Sec and 35ml of lime juice. Chuck everything in the cocktail shaker with some ice cubes, give it a good shake a serve in a salt rimmed glass. Simple and delicious!

If you want a slushy Margarita, chuck the ingredients in the blender with some ice cubes. Whizz everything together and serve! Ideal for those summer nights.

Take a look at our other non-traditional recipes and try them out – we guarantee you’ll love them!

What about a spicy strawberry margarita? You’ll need 1oz triple sec, 2 oz tequila, 1oz lime juice, 2 strawberries and 3 dashes of Angostura bitters. Crush the strawberries in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add the triple sec, tequila, fresh lime juice and bitters, and shake with ice. Strain over ice in a glass with a cinnamon sugar rim and garnish with a strawberry. A refreshing twist on the classic. Yum!

What about a Cool As A Mule? This one has a bit of fiery kick with the inclusion of ginger beer. You’ll need 2oz tequila, 1oz cucumber juice, 0.5oz lime juice and ginger beer. Add the tequila and juices to your glass, pour the ginger beer over and enjoy!

What about a beer margarita? You’ll need 6oz of your favourite lager or pale ale, 1oz tequila, limeade concentrate and some crushed ice. Pour the tequila, limeade and ale into a glass, add the crushed ice and enjoy. It’s that simple!

Any drivers or non-drinkers at the fiesta – what about a virgin margarita? You’ll need ½ cup lemonade, ½ cup orange juice, ¼ cup fresh lime juice. Add the ingredients to the blender along with some crushed ice – blitz and serve in salt rimmed glasses.

Or, if you want the fun of the drink without the hassle of mixing, there’s always the pre-mixed bottle you can buy in most supermarkets. Ideal for drinking while you’re making the other recipes above. After all, what’s better than one margarita? That’s right, two margaritas!

But what about the morning after? There’s nothing worse than waking up with a hangover the next morning. So take a look at our hangover cures – not tried and tested by The Wage Shop team, but maybe this weekend we might give them a go!

Normally, the best remedy is a few painkillers, a bit more sleep and if you’re lucky a McDonalds or Burger King that will deliver breakfast to your door – they do exist!  Oh, and 7Up, that’s supposed to be awesome for hangovers. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, what about some of these remedies from around the world?

Japan – pickled plums. They are soaked in green tea and are supposed to help with the nausea and headaches. Just the name puts me off, never mind when you’re hungover. I think I’ll pass on these.

Germany use rollmops, which are as gross as they sound. It’s pickled herring and gherkin – sold in jars with vinegar, salt and water. You can buy them in Waitrose, so stock up before the big night. If you can stomach these the next day, you’ve got a stronger stomach than me!

What about the shrimp and shellfish salad from Mexico? After all, their Tequila is the reason for the hangover. Their traditional hangover cure consists of fresh shrimp, shellfish, onions, chillies and lime juice. Not sure it would be my first choice though!

What about a nice omelette? South African’s swear by an ostrich egg omelette, full of magnesium and iron to repair some of that hangover damage. Bear in mind an ostrich egg is about the size of 25 normal eggs, that’s one big omelette. Not sure my frying pan could handle that much! At least if you’ve got a few hungover mates to feed, it might not be so bad.

The last, and possibly worst of the lot – the Mongolian Mary, from Outer Mongolia. This lovely concoction consists of tomato juice and pickled sheep eyeballs. Yeah, I feel sick just thinking about this one and I’ve not started on the Margarita’s yet! Apparently, the eyeballs are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and retinal which are supposed to help you recover from that hangover. I’m not sure this one’s for me!

Whatever your plans for National Margarita Day, drink responsibly and share your hangover cures!