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It can be a struggle getting in those recommended 10,000 steps per day by the health experts.

But have they considered that some of us have quite sedentary jobs?  Reaching that 10,000 per day target may seem unachievable and for some this will be the case especially on workdays.

By adding just a few simple tweaks to your everyday routine at work, this can make a long-term difference to your health and wellbeing.  There are lots of ideas that you can choose to incorporate into your day.

Take a non-smoking break – We are all entitled to a break during the working day, especially if your job involves sitting in front of a screen.  Just try popping outside for some fresh air twice a day and have a walk around.  This will also help give your eyes a rest.

Brew time – Time for a brew means also means time to stretch your legs.  Whether you walk to the kitchen and make yourself or colleagues a drink; you could whilst you’re waiting for the kettle to boil do a few stretches.  Even better would be if you had to walk to the local coffee shop to get the drinks.

Keeping yourself well hydrated at work does have it down sides – frequent toilet trips!! If possible, use the toilets that are furthest away from you to gain those extra steps.

If the company you work for has a large car park, maybe try and park furthest away from your office building and during break times take a walk back and to from the car.

Studies have shown that by wearing comfortable clothes and shoes to work, you are likely to be more active, as wearing high heels or a stiff suit may feel more restrictive.  If your work dress code requires more formal wear, this may not help in your bid to be more active but by wearing more chunkier heels, or a suit made from more less restrictive fabric, will help you feel more comfortable.

Take further opportunities at your desk if possible. Stand up to take a phone call at your desk, standing uses more muscles and burns more calories than sitting with the added benefit that it is good for the back and posture.

Sports therapists also suggest that standing up every 30 minutes to stretch out your back and chest, can help stop the hunched position you get from sitting too long.  You could also try marching on the spot for a few minutes.

There are lots of ideas out there to help keep you active at work, not all will be suitable as this depends on the individual and work environment.  But by doing a few little extra movements during your time at work can make a difference.

So, what’s this got to do with The Wage Shop?

Our great advice is just part of your simple, flexible service. With The Wage Shop, we make sure you’re paid on time and take care of your Tax and National Insurance contributions, leaving you to focus on your day to day workload.

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